Published: 11 Sept 2020

Polarized eyewear provides protection from horizontal glare and UV light says Precision Vision Opticians of Caldwell, NJ

Your safety continues to be our top priority.

Who doesn’t love a sunny day? But sometimes it is difficult to see clearly due to the unpolarized light of the sun reflecting off surfaces in a multitude of directions. This reflecting light becomes polarized and the glare often causes discomfort and decreases your clarity of vision.  At times like these we need Polarized lenses to filter the glare and to see what is in front of us clearly.

Eyewear that utilizes Polarized lenses have been making a difference in our lives and have been popular for years. Edwin H. Land first developed the first polarized lenses in 1936. One of the founding partners of the Polaroid Corporation, polarized technology was also used in the Land Camera. Now anyone can get polarized lenses that reduce glare and the dangerous sunrays from smooth horizontal surfaces, such as car roofs or wet road surfaces.

Published: 12 Aug 2020

Precision Vision of Caldwell, NJ recommends a great way to protect your family's eyes from HEV Blue Light as school begins.

Your safety continues to be our top priority.

These days it is especially hard to escape digital devices. We use smart phones, computers, televisions and tablets to maintain our social connections, check on family and friends, attend school, go to work, entertain ourselves and even to worship.

Just about any child older than three years old can entertain themselves with a cell phone. Children in America are introduced to digital games, phones and devices as toddlers. They graduate to the use of computers, laptops, tablets and video games in elementary school. 

Published: 12 Aug 2020

Shopping for eyewear at Precision Vision in Caldwell, NJ is more than picking a pretty pair of designer frames

We’ll find the right fit for you

It’s a given your correct eyewear selection can show one’s unique sense of style and make bold fashion statements. Finding the right size, shape, color and material of the frame, one that compliments the shape of your face, is a wonderful feeling. Yet it is important to consider the lenses, the unsung heroes of each and every pair. Selecting the correct lenses affects your vision as well as the appearance, comfort and safety of your eyewear and of your eyes.

Lenses allow us to see despite our nearsightedness, farsightedness and other corrections to eyesight. The experienced professionals at Precision Vision help when considering these many factors, choosing frames and lenses when making a purchase as important as eyewear in the large Caldwell, NJ, eyewear showroom.

Published: 18 Jun 2020


Your safety continues to be our top priority.

Precision Vision has been carefully monitoring the developments of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Even though there is currently no scientific evidence that wearing eyewear can provide protection against the coronavirus, the American Academy of Ophthalmology recently reported that temporarily switching to wearing eyewear instead of contacts is advisable.