The last 20 years has made a difference in the way that we encounter
ultraviolet light rays. Before most households had energy efficient
lighting, personal computers, handheld devices and modern televisions, the
majority of us were exposed to ultraviolet light rays outdoors when in the
sun. Technology has led us to a digital age that shows no signs of ending.
Exposure to high-energy visible (HEV) blue light due to computers,
televisions, cell phones and energy efficient cars and homes has increased
for adults and children alike. Many of us are unable to reduce screen time
now that we are working and going to school from home. In fact, screen time
has increased significantly for many of us in the past six months. Blue
blocker lenses filter the blue light from digital screens and ensure that
that very little damaging blue light reaches our retinas and other sensitive
parts of our eyes. Many opticians and other eye care providers are concerned
that unnatural blue light may increase the risk of macular degeneration as
we age.

Blue light helps regulate our body clock and provides our bodies with
vitamin C, yet prolonged exposure can lead to headaches, dry eyes, eyestrain
and blurred vision. We also know that viewing LED screens that emit blue
light before going to bed for the night can have a negative effect on your
sleep cycle. In fact, recent evidence suggests that a sleep cycle that is
routinely disrupted may play a role in various medical conditions including,
diabetes, obesity, and depression. Blue blocker lenses is one of the few
things we can to help limit unnecessary exposure to high-every visible blue

There is no way to escape high-energy blue light, but wearing blue blocker
lenses can reduce the amount that reaches our retinas. Our eyes are filter
sunlight each time we step outdoors, however we are now as likely to
encounter as much blue light indoors watching television, playing games,
using computers and other electronic devices. Our eyes have never filtered
blue light as well as other types of light. We can protect our eyes by
wearing blue blocker eyewear. Like computer eyewear, blue blocker eyewear
blocks HEV light. However, there is one major difference. These intelligent
lenses allow necessary low energy blue light to enter the eye. Blue blocker
lenses are great for regular wear at all times because they don’t have the
yellow tint that eyewear with computer lenses have. This means that colors
viewed through these lenses look natural. Blue blocker lenses filter 100% of
direct HEV and ultraviolet rays; removing the risk of headaches, dry eyes,
eyestrain, and blurred vision. If you have been suffering from any of these
ailments make sure to make an appointment to see your optometrist as soon as

Email Precision Vision to discuss blue blocker lens with your optician.

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