Much like the Italian marble which has for centuries possessed its potential, waiting for a skilled sculptor to release it, the eyewear designers in the Thema eyewear factory create made-to-measure eyewear frames where every design is “sculpted” like a work of art.

The Thema Family Eyewear Factory is nestled in an inspirational pristine mountain valley of the Dolomites, where they use a revolutionary manufacturing process called 3D Acetate Technology®. Thema 3D produces custom-made eyeglasses and eyewear suitable and customized for every age and for every shape of the face. Thema’s one-of-a-kind eyewear, sunglasses and frames are biometrically tailored and designed in the shape and color right for you, perfectly suited to express your best features and your personality.

Their inspiration in making the best eyewear in the world is reflected in their statement on their company website “We have learned that the higher you go, the further you see, and the more you can dream.” They dreamed of “eyewear sculpting” to produce eyewear, sunglasses and frames that is biometrically tailored and designed in the shape and color desired of each individual.

As Michelangelo saw the form in the rough block of marble, and freed it through his talented technique, the Thema eyewear designers use the same Italian style and finesse in production of eyewear frames and eyeglasses. Their eyewear frames are then fitted with custom lenses by the skilled opticians at Precision Vision based on your unique prescription.

Thema also offers a Virtual Eyewear Assistant or V.E.A. to design perfectly tailored eyewear solutions. This innovative virtual assistant available for download on their website ( ). V.E.A. uses your biometrical measurements from a scan of your face to present a solution preserving your own characteristics, your personal taste and your own style, then their designers create a captivating eyewear frame in the shape and color that is uniquely yours.

Every block of stone has a statue inside it, and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it.
-Michelangelo (1475-1574)

This popular V.E.A. virtual shopping experience has been a critical opportunity to customize your order specifically when the coronavirus pandemic has forced the world to innovate and improve services and processes. Choose from Thema Titanium, Ultem, 99 John St. NYC, Donna Fontana, iGreen Hi-Tech Frames, Giorgio Valmassoi, Philosopheyes, O Six Art Made, or Occhiali da lettura.

You can be the designer of your own eyewear and glasses. Precision Vision skilled opticians will supply the eyeglass lenses, with your specifications. With the criteria you provide, through Precision Vision expert advice or through the V.E.A. platform, Thema’s 3D Acetate Technology® years of research revolutionized their manufacturing process and special cutting technique to create sculpted face-form frames with an amazing effect.

Michelangelo was an Italian Renaissance master who transformed marble into masterpieces. His skill made him one of the greatest artists of history, renown by princes and popes. In these unprecedented times, Thema Optical, the pride of Venetian eyewear, is committed to imagining, creating eyewear, sunglasses and frames that cater to new ideas and trends inspired by a world in constant dynamic evolution.

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Sculpting Process Inspired by Michelangelo