Published: 19 Mar 2021

Maui Jim Sunglasses with New Eyewear Fashions Available in Caldwell, NJ & Essex County, NJ Area

We’ll find the right fit for you

Most of us would agree that this winter has been cold, harsh, and long. A new pair of Maui Jim sunglasses with new eyewear fashions from Precision Vision in Caldwell, NJ and Essex County, NJ area is a great way to greet the sunshine of spring and summer. Maui Jim’s commitment to combatting intense glare and harmful UV rays while brightening the outside world makes them a must for all. Whether you spend time outdoors on the water surfing or swimming or on land hiking or climbing, these polarized sunglasses and eyewear fashions are sure to protect your eyes from the damage of UVA and UVB rays.

Maui Jim believes that color and light are an important part of the way that we experience the world. Their mission is to spread “aloha”, a Hawaiian greeting, which literally translates to love, affection, peace, compassion, and mercy. Many of us feel these emotions when we are outdoors. Maui Jim polarized sunglasses, available in both readers and prescription, allow you to see the 
world in vivid color and detail while filtering the glare of the sun. This eyewear will put all 16,777,216 hues of color on full display.

Maui Jim’s reputation for quality outdoor sunglasses is renowned. Not only will the qualified staff at Precision Vision help you select the pair of sunglasses or a new eyewear fashion that best compliments your face and sense of style, but they can ensure that your choice is suitable for your favorite outdoor activity. For instance, if you are an avid golfer, they may recommend using patented Maui Jim’s PolarizedPlus2 lenses that will eliminate most glare and enhance depth perception. Lenses could also be recommended to fishermen or others who engage in water sports since water is one of the worlds more challenging surfaces. Those of us who like to spend a sunny afternoon biking, driving a car or riding a motorcycle know how that the right pair of sunglasses along with a stylish eyewear frame is extremely helpful in reducing reflections when the sun is its brightest.

Shopping for Maui Jim sunglasses with new fashionable eyewear styles at Precision Vision in Caldwell, NJ is a fun experience as they are completely customizable. Lenses are available in Neutral Grey (light reduction and sharp contrast), HCL Bronze (everyday conditions), Maui Rose (high contrast for fast moving sports) and Maui HT (high transmission for extra contrast and color). There are also several types of lenses to choose from such as super thing glass, MauiBrilliant (light weight) MauiPure (ultra lightweight) and Maui Evolution (high index and lightweight). In addition, bi-gradient mirror, fashion lens mirrors and MauiGradient lens finishes can be personalized. Furthermore, each lens offers shatter and scratch resistance. 

Picking out a cool eyewear frame for your sunglasses is essential and Precision Vision does not disappoint. Their inventory of stylish Maui Jim designer frames including aviators, wrap, rectangular, rimless and cat eye. The color and material of almost every eyewear frame can also be customized. The quality of the materials and hardware are excellent. Customers world-wide have agreed that they are a comfortable fit and weight. When it is all said and done, Maui Jim sunglasses are beautiful, made using the best technology and are of the best quality.