Published: 19 Mar 2021

Opticians and Optometrists in Caldwell, NJ Give 4 Reasons Not to Buy Eyewear and Contact Lenses Online

Your safety continues to be our top priority.

These days most of us are willing to make purchases online. Online shopping may be convenient, but selecting eyewear should be done in person with the opticians at Precision Vision, Caldwell, NJ. Eyewear that is made from superior materials, reflects your personal style and fits properly should not be compromised to save a few minutes.

1. Line of sight (vertical center of vision)

When you go to a licensed optician to buy eyewear, they determine which part of the eyewear lens that you actually look through. If asked, most of us would assume that we see through the center of the eyewear lens. This is not always the case. When you visit Precision Vision, licensed opticians check your eyes to detect your personal vertical center of vision. Many online eyewear manufacturers do not give you a way to let them know your vertical center of vision and manufacture all eyewear as if it is in the center of the lens. The position of the bridge of your nose can also affect your line of sight. Online eyewear manufacturers have no way to take this into consideration. When shopping at Precision Vision of Caldwell, NJ an experienced optician will check the vertical center of vision for any pair eyewear frames that you select.

2. Complicated prescriptions

Studies have determined that almost half the eyewear ordered from online manufacturers have the wrong prescription or other some other issue. This could be due to a simple mistake when entering the prescription or pupil distance on the order form. Another reason for an inaccurate eyewear prescription is the lack of specific measurements that are required when receiving a prescription for progressive eyewear. Astigmatism and depth perception can also result in small, but important, adjustments that will ensure the prescription is accurate. These types of complicated prescriptions should not be purchased online. Most manufacturers will not refund your money if you enter the wrong information. Neither will they make additional adjustments after you have received the eyewear. When your eyewear is purchased in person, our licensed opticians will make sure that your prescription is accurate and that all eyewear adjustments have been completed.

3. Protect your child’s eye health

Eyewear for children should always be purchased at a licensed optician like Precision Vision of Caldwell, NJ.  Not only will they take extra care with the fit of the eyewear, but they understand that any inaccuracy in the prescription could cause damage to young eyes. Unlike adults, children may ignore or accept problems with eyewear and continue to wear it. It is important to your child’s eye health to consult with an eye doctor and/or licensed optometrist or professional optician to address your children’s vision issues and let them walk you through the process of purchasing comfortable eyewear.  

4. General eye health

Although some eyewear manufacturers offer online vision tests, a prescription for new eyewear cannot be considered a substitute for annual eye examinations. Experiencing dry eyes, eye twitches, red eyes or burning eyes can be a symptom of poor eye health or other health issues. It is especially important that adults over 40 and those who have poor vision to make certain that there have been no changes to their eyewear prescriptions. Special attention to eye health is also a must for those with diabetes, sickle cell, high blood pressure or other chronic conditions that can affect vision.

Schedule an appointment with Precision Visions’ opticians and optometrist for an annual eye examination and to get the best care when purchasing your eyewear and contact lenses.