Published: 11 Sept 2020

Polarized eyewear provides protection from horizontal glare and UV light says Precision Vision Opticians of Caldwell, NJ

Your safety continues to be our top priority.

Who doesn’t love a sunny day? But sometimes it is difficult to see clearly due to the unpolarized light of the sun reflecting off surfaces in a multitude of directions. This reflecting light becomes polarized and the glare often causes discomfort and decreases your clarity of vision.  At times like these we need Polarized lenses to filter the glare and to see what is in front of us clearly.

Eyewear that utilizes Polarized lenses have been making a difference in our lives and have been popular for years. Edwin H. Land first developed the first polarized lenses in 1936. One of the founding partners of the Polaroid Corporation, polarized technology was also used in the Land Camera. Now anyone can get polarized lenses that reduce glare and the dangerous sunrays from smooth horizontal surfaces, such as car roofs or wet road surfaces.

When wearing a pair of glasses with Polarized lenses, vision appears amplified with enhanced clarity. They are virtually essential for outdoor water activities like fishing, boating and kayaking, and for outdoor sports like soccer, golf and hiking to avoid sun glare.  They prove to be extremely helpful when driving cars or motorcycles and when riding bicycles.

During the manufacture of Polarized lenses, chemicals are applied to the surface of lenses in a vertical pattern, almost like a microscopic picket fence. This mesh prevents most of the horizontal sunrays that bounce off of surrounding surfaces from passing through the vertical chemical pattern on the lenses, reducing some of the reflections and preventing a vast majority of glare from reaching your eyes.

You can have your prescription and non-prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses made polarized. Polarization can be added to light-intelligent photochromic lenses like Transitions™. Another sought-after option for adults over 40 who spend a lot of time outdoors is progressive lenses with polarized lenses. Anti-reflective coating can also be applied to the opposite side of the lenses to prevent glare from the sun when it is behind you. Like all eyewear, prices can vary based on lens materials, designer frames and the manufacturing process.

Benefits for Polarized Lenses:

  1. Protect against harmful effects of UV Rays
  2. Great glare reduction.
  3. Clearer vision
  4. Intensified colors
  5. Decrease eyestrain
  6. Ease bright lighting conditions

There are a few instances (example: when piloting a plane or operating heavy equipment) when Polarized lenses may not be the best choice. Opticians at Precision Vision can advise on their best use according to your distinct and unique lifestyle.  Skiers or
winter sports enthusiasts require specific fittings for optimum viewing of snow conditions.

Many designers like Ran-Ban, Oakley, Maui Jim, Prada and other brands offer non -Rx Polarized lenses. We can also put your Rx in almost
any style of frames at Precision Vision in Caldwell, NJ.
  We offer beautiful frames for every budget, with our knowledgeable staff will be happy to assist you in all of your eyewear selections.

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