Published: 12 Aug 2020

Precision Vision of Caldwell, NJ recommends a great way to protect your family’s eyes from HEV Blue Light as school begins

Your safety continues to be our top priority.

These days it is especially hard to escape digital devices. We use smart phones, computers, televisions and tablets to maintain our social connections, check on family and friends, attend school, go to work, entertain ourselves and even to worship.

Just about any child older than three years old can entertain themselves with a cell phone. Children in America are introduced to digital games, phones and devices as toddlers. They graduate to the use of computers, laptops, tablets and video games in elementary school. At this time, many children find that they have vision problems and visit an optometrist for the first time.

We’ve depended on them for a while, but now these devices are more essential than we could have ever imagined. Yet the LCD screens on our devices produce sharp and colorful images, but the vibrant display comes with an unhealthy side effect: High Energy Visible (HEV) Blue Light that we absorb when using these devices. HEV Blue Light can lead to tired eyes, eyestrain, headaches, blurred vision and other eye problems over time. It also breaks down melatonin, which can cause a disruption in our sleep patterns.

This year, the effects and exposure of HEV Blue Light may impact our children more than any previous year, as on-site, blended or remote learning all may require more “screen time” than ever before to continue to receive a well-rounded education. Blue light is so powerful that it may penetrate and injure the sensitive tissue of the eye.

Precision Vision offers another way to protect your child’s eyesight as they go back to school this year. Just as car seats protect them in case of a car accident, and sunscreen protects their skin from damaging UV rays, HEV Blue Light protective eyewear like TheraBlue or Blu Tech Eyewear are a good choice to protect our children’s eyes and filter the blue light that digital devices release. These Blue light blocking eyewear products may shield your eyes and may also help lessen damage to your retina from prolonged exposure to blue light.

Precision Vision has many non-glare lens coatings that absorb HEV Blue Light from digital devices and artificial light before it can harm our eyes. These lenses can be used for prescription and nonprescription eyewear or sunglasses and are available for people of all ages. With a large inventory of designer frames for any budget, the choice of protective eyewear Precision Vision offers is hard to beat. With a legacy assisting customers with eyewear selection, eye exams and checkups in Caldwell, NJ for over 40 years, this year why not start the school year off right.