Published: 12 Aug 2020

Shopping for eyewear at Precision Vision in Caldwell, NJ is more than picking a pretty pair of designer frames

We’ll find the right fit for you

It’s a given your correct eyewear selection can show one’s unique sense of style and make bold fashion statements. Finding the right size, shape, color and material of the frame, one that compliments the shape of your face, is a wonderful feeling. Yet it is important to consider the lenses, the unsung heroes of each and every pair. Selecting the correct lenses affects your vision as well as the appearance, comfort and safety of your eyewear and of your eyes.

Lenses allow us to see despite our nearsightedness, farsightedness and other corrections to eyesight. The experienced professionals at Precision Vision help when considering these many factors, choosing frames and lenses when making a purchase as important as eyewear in the large Caldwell, NJ, eyewear showroom.

However, there are so many different types of lenses. While glass is no longer widely used for eyewear, as it is heavy and can harm the wearer’s eye if the lens breaks; plastic, polycarbonate, trivex and high-index plastic lenses each have different advantages. Most are considered lightweight and many produce a thin lens. Some are more resistant to impact than others – they are safer and more durable; which is especially good for athletes and children. Choosing lenses made out of the correct material could mean the difference between eyewear that last two months or eyewear that last a year or even longer.

“Think about it, many of us who have prescription eyewear wear them for 16 hours a day,” says Doug Paul of Precision Vision. “Even those who have eyewear for reading, typically wear them for a few hours a day. When it is time to buy a new pair of eyewear, taking a good look at your lifestyle and what activities you will be doing while wearing, helps determine which lens solution is right for you.”

Ultraviolet (UV) protection from the sun’s damaging rays is a very critical determining factor. Lifetime exposure to UV is one contributor to cataracts and other eye problems experienced by the elderly. Anti-reflective coating is an inexpensive way to improve the clarity of all eyewear and protect the eyes from UV. This is a good reason that many are now investing in Transition™ lenses. Transition lenses are an intelligent solution that shields the eyes by getting darker when they react to light outdoors as wearers step outside. The lenses return to nearly clear when indoors. The transition is rarely noticed, but the wearer’s comfort is assured.

Whether you have a deep interest in understanding the ins and outs of selecting the best lenses or if you prefer to focus on fantastic looking quality designer frames for your eyewear that will fit your budget, the opticians at Precision Vision will be celebrating 40 years of assisting Caldwell, NJ and the Essex County, NJ area with their eyewear needs.